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Communicate with Healthcare Patients, Consumers and Healthcare Professionals

INFORM are leaders in health information communication in Ireland, and operate Ireland's waiting room network. We can communicate your healthcare message nationwide.

Healthcare Professionals - Join Ireland's Health Information Waiting Room Network

INFORM's range of services helps GPs and other healthcare professionals to provide information to educate and encourage patients to improve their health and wellbeing.

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Communicating Health and Wellbeing Information throughout Ireland

INFORM, established in 2002, is Ireland’s health and wellbeing communications company. We can help you communicate your health-related messages or public information campaigns to patients and healthcare professionals, in waiting rooms and at the point‐of‐care, in over 950 GP practices, healthcare centres and hospitals nationwide. We  do this through our Print Display and through our Digital Information Screen Network. INFORM also helps GPs and other healthcare professionals provide information to educate and encourage people to live healthy lives.

Our Healthcare Waiting Room Network and Reach in Numbers

INFORM is Ireland’s largest communications company of its kind and reaches into a nationwide network of doctor practices, healthcare centres and hospitals to provide health and wellbeing information to consumers, patients and healthcare professionals. INFORM offers clients a wide range of ways to communicate, and a reach that’s unmatched. There are over 16 million patient visits annually. Reach them through Ireland’s only health information network. 



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healthcare professionals

We have built great relationships with both Clients and Healthcare Professionals

INFORM work closely with Patient Support Groups, Charities, Pharmaceutical Companies, Public Bodies and other Healthcare Organisations to help improve health education. Organisations we work with include:

Alzheimer Society of Ireland
Asthma Society of Ireland
Bayer Ltd.
Citizens Information
Comreg Logo
Grünenthal Pharma Ltd. Ireland
Ireland’s Health Service
Irish Cancer Society
Office of the Revenue Commissioners
Pfizer Ireland

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