Display Your Brochure

Display your Health Information Brochures in over 950 Waiting Rooms

Displaying your health information brochures on the INFORM display racks is the perfect opportunity to engage and inform patients at the point-of-care.  INFORM display racks are prominently positioned in over 950 public waiting areas in GP surgeries, health centres and hospitals throughout Ireland. 

Research has shown that patients are more receptive to health messages in the waiting room environment as they await their GP consultation.

Why display your brochure in the Waiting Room?

  • There are over 16 million patient visits annually, we provide the opportunity for your message to be seen during these visits.
  • Waiting times of over 20 minutes on average, means patients have time to read your message when health and wellness topics are on their mind.
  • Printed materials reinforce advice given by healthcare professionals, and increase the retention of information by up to 50%.
  • Trusted information, as it is endorsed by affiliation with the GP.
  • The ‘pass it on and share effect’ as patients take information of interest for other family members or friends.
  • Many patients have a preference for printed materials that they can take home for further reference.

What can be displayed on the INFORM Yourself brochure display rack?

  • A5 Booklets/brochures
  • DL Brochures
  • Wallet Cards

Poster Display: We can also display A3 Posters in our Waiting Room network which we print on special static-cling paper which don’t require adhesive or leave any marks. See details.

Flexible Display Options – choose where and when your brochures are displayed

  • You can display your brochures throughout our full network in over 950 locations, or you can choose one or more of our provincial networks (Leinster, Munster, Connacht/Ulster). You can also select ‘Dublin only’ or our City network.
  • There’s an opportunity to join the network in February and October each year.
  • You can choose to feature for 4 or 8 months.

We can advise you on your options and brochure quantities. The number of brochures required depends on a number of factors including: the duration of your contract, the number of locations you wish to display your brochure in, and the size/thickness of your brochures. 

INFORM MediaTracker – YOUR Proof of Quality Service

See your Brochures and Posters on Display in Every Location

At INFORM, we use our unique MediaTracker System to help manage all our clients contracts. This is an online quality control system and ensures we deliver for each client, based on their contract, and that all our distribution and display actions are recorded and can be shared with our clients.

The INFORM MediaTracker System:

  • Informs our distribution and merchandising team where and when the brochure/posters are to be distributed and displayed, as per client contract.
  • Records the dates and times that the displays have been stocked and merchandised.
  • Stores time-stamped photos of the updated brochure and poster displays at every location, which are available to share with our clients.

The MediaTracker System system controls and records all the agreed deliverables for each client. Importantly, all the information can be shared with the client, including the time stamped photographs of each serviced stand.

The MediaTracker System ensures the certain and precise delivery of each contract. Our clients particularly value the photo viewer capability which enables them to see time stamped photos of any stand. This not only provides proof or service, but also shows how prominent and effective the INFORM Waiting Room Displays are. 

Need some help with Printing?

INFORM can also offer a package which includes print, distribution and display of brochures. Talk to us today for further details.

NOTE: INFORM has an approval process in place in relation to all information being displayed within the network. This is to ensure that all messages are appropriate and suited to the waiting room environment. We also have a great understanding of what works best within the network, so please feel free to contact us and discuss your messages or designs in advance of printing your brochures.

Here are some brochures and leaflets that are currently featured on our racks:

Your Brochures and Leaflets could feature there too!

Download Our Media Information Pack