Support Services

INFORM offers a range of free and pay-for services to help ensure the effective delivery of your health and wellbeing message. This includes:

Free Advice on Effective Brochure Concepts, Design and Display:  We have been concepting, scripting, designing, distributing and merchandising health and wellbeing brochures and posters for over 16 years. We have also been monitoring their effectiveness and are always happy to share our views. We have also introduced Digital Screens into our waiting network and can advise on how to use our digital network to best effect.

Free Advice on your Distribution and Display Options:  Should you display a standard brochure, or a brochure-poster combo, or a patient puzzle? And, what are your distribution options and reach potential if you opt for our nationwide, provincial or city services? Our Digital Waiting Room Information Screens present another option. We’ll give our views.

Patient Puzzles: We can help with concepts, free advice and show you samples of what others have done.  

Print and Distribute Packages:  We can offer a ‘print and distribute’ package. We print large quantities of brochures, and you can benefit from the power of our print buying.

Printed Static-Cling Posters:  We print the A3-sized Static-Cling Posters used throughout our waiting room network. These posters don’t require adhesive and they don’t leave any markings in waiting rooms. This leaves your reputation and the waiting room in good health!

Download Our Media Information Pack