Patient Puzzles

Engage and Inform with a Branded Patient Puzzle in the Waiting Room Environment

Patient Puzzles and Questionnaires are a great way to both inform and engage patients in the waiting room environment. They are very effective for a number of reasons:

  • They require attention, which helps ensure the information is being absorbed. The time spent in a waiting room is typically more than 20 minutes, so they have time to complete the puzzle (or part-complete and bring it home).
  • They can engage the patient in a variety of ways – depending on the nature of the Puzzle or Questionnaire:
    1. they can create awareness of an issue.
    2. they can inform.
    3. they can encourage self-reflection or self-assessment.
    4. They can facilitate feedback.
  • Patient Puzzles and Questionnaires can be used to gather feedback or to stimulate an action – perhaps to visit your website, phone your hotline, or freepost a response form.
  • They can be use to engage a particular audience – children, an expectant mother, parents of a young family, teenagers, a person with a condition or vulnerability, senior citizens,  etc.
  • They can also include incentives (prizes) to encourage feedback or sign-ups, perhaps by visiting your website. Connecting print to online, can be particularly powerful.
  • Puzzles are often shared and can even be devised to encourage sharing – “Take the Challenge”.

What the Patient Puzzle service includes:

INFORM can provide concept, design and print your Patient Puzzles and we can distribute and display them in all waiting rooms throughout our nationwide network.

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