Distribution Services to Healthcare Professionals

Use our MediPack and MediMail Distribution Services to reach GPs or Practice Nurses

MediPack – have your information or sample pack hand-delivered to GPs by the INFORM Team

We can arrange to have your information hand-delivered to locations on our network and promptly. This service is particularly useful for once-off promotions to GPs, or for the delivery of materials that are not of a standard size.

Our MediPack hand-delivery service offers flexibility and enables our clients to reach over 80% of GPs cost effectively and efficiently.

What type of brochures/materials can be delivered?

  • Information packs aimed at informing the GP or Practice Nurse about a new product, service, or scheme to be launched.
  • Brochures aimed at patients, but that are not of a suitable shape or size to fit on the ‘INFORM’ brochure display racks.
  • Posters designed for the consultation room.
  • Sample products
  • Packages including any combination of the above, aimed at the GP

NOTE: All hand-delivered material can be ‘certified’ with a location signature or stamp as an optional extra.

MediMail – Reach 100% of GPs

The MediMail service provides the opportunity to reach 100% of GPs by mailing out your message, while also offering complete flexibility on delivery time.

MediMail also means no more sourcing of mailing lists, sticking labels and stamps on envelopes and physically posting out materials.

As this is a specialist area for INFORM, our clients can be certain that their materials are in safe hands and that the information will reach the Healthcare Professional it is intended for.

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