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Our Network and Reach​

We can communicate your message to Patients and Healthcare Professionals throughout Ireland.

The GP and Health Centre Waiting Room

Our Brochure Displays and posters are viewed by patients in over 950 GP and Health Centre waiting rooms, and at a time patients are particularly attentive to health and wellbeing messages. There are over 16 Million patient visits in any one year, and the average dwell time is over 20 minutes – plenty of time to be informed!

INFORM also have a Digital Information Screen Network, and we can communicate your message in real-time in many waiting rooms.

Your Communication Options

There are several ways to have your message reach patients and healthcare professionals. We will show you your options.

Requesting your Media Kit

You can request our Media Kit via the form opposite. Once you do, you will be instantly sent an email, to the email address you provided, with a link to our Media Kit. You can then download the PDF.  The form also provides the opportunity to sign-up for our latest news, and we encourage you to do so. The newsletter is only sent occasionally when we have news updates.

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