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Displaying your Posters in Waiting Rooms is a Powerful way to Communicate with Patients

Displaying your Posters on the INFORM Waiting Room Network is a powerful way of communicating with healthcare consumers, at a time they are particularly receptive to receiving health-related messages.

INFORM can display your poster in 950 GP Surgery, Health Centre, and Hospital waiting areas nationwide. Plus, we print your posters using static-cling paper, which requires no adhesive… which leaves your reputation and the waiting room in good health.

Here’s what you need to know, and the advantage of this service: 

Our Reach: We can display your posters in up to 950 waiting rooms Nationwide. 

Timing and Duration: The minimum duration is 12 weeks. Space is strictly limited, so early booking is advisable. 

A3 Static-Cling Posters: We display A3-size posters on our nationwide network and all poster display contracts include poster printing. We print using special static-cling paper, which requires no adhesive. These stick to any surface, which means they can be positioned to give your message great visibility. They leave no marks, which leaves your reputation and the waiting room in good health. Contact us for a free sample of our posters.

Poster Only or Poster-Brochure Combination Displays: Poster displays can be purchased as a stand-alone service or as part of a Brochure/Poster display combination package. Clients can achieve maximum impact with the Brochure-Poster combination, allowing higher levels of exposure for the campaign message and also higher recall rates.

5 Big Advantages of using INFORM Poster Displays in Waiting Rooms

  1. Posters are positioned prominently and give high visibility to a captive and receptive audience (typically, patients in waiting rooms have up to 20 minutes to absorb your message).
  2. They are suited to all messages, and are particularly suited to messages of a sensitive nature. The public can see the message without having to reach out and pick it up, and the poster can direct them to a brochure, website or hotline for more information.
  3. Our Posters are merchandised by our team – so they are carefully positioned and they are removed when the display period is over. The static-cling Posters makes best-positioning possible. 
  4. The display schedule is flexible – from 12 weeks to 12 months. Your posters are also automatically included at all newly acquired GP locations on your network, as they arise. We also provide free warehousing of your posters.
  5. Every poster viewed represents a connection with a potential new patient/consumer. They can read your message, ask the GP a question, take note of your website or phone number, or purchase your product or service.

Free Advice and Support

INFORM has an approval process in place in relation to all information being displayed within the network. This is to ensure that all messages are appropriate and that GPs will welcome the information being displayed.  We also have a great understanding of what works best within the network, so please feel free to contact us and discuss your messages or designs in advance of printing. 


Research into the Effectiveness of Posters in the Waiting Room

Research into the Effectiveness of Posters in Patient Communication, commissioned by IDS Media UK, on behalf of the Health and Care Professions Council, confirms that posters are extremely effective. The research, undertaken across 50 surgeries in the UK, during December 2017, found that:

  • 77% of patients were waiting for their consultation for more than 10 minutes.
  • 83% were aware of the posters on display in the waiting room.

Asked about information generally in Doctor’s Waiting Rooms:

  • 88% said they found the information informative.
  • 74% said it helps them make decisions.
  • 62% said it would affect their behaviour.

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