Digital Waiting Room Information Screens

The Questions we are most frequently asked by GPs and Healthcare Professionals about our free Health Information Display Services.

Q: INFORM offer both Brochure Display Racks and Digital Waiting Room Information Screens – which would you recommend for our Practice?

We would recommend both. They can complement each other. Brochure Information Racks are installed and serviced free and carry a comprehensive range of health information your patients will appreciate having easy access to. There are so many advantage to having printed brochures on display, as you can see hereDigital Information Screens can be installed in your waiting room and can feature your practice information, as well as health information messages. They are a powerful way to engage, inform, and educate your patients. To learn more about installing a digital information screen in your waiting room, download our media pack here. 

Q: Is there a cost for hosting an INFORM Display Rack in our surgery waiting room?

No, this service is free to GP surgeries, health centres and hospitals. The service is funded by the healthcare information suppliers. INFORM will install the stand free and service it regularly, refreshing and updating the information.

Q: What Information goes on the INFORM Display Racks?

The brochures and posters placed by INFORM are supplied by public bodies, charities, patient support groups, the HSE, and other reputable healthcare organisations.

We also have an internal procedure for checking and ensuring that all brochures are appropriate. However, if at any time there is a brochure you would prefer not to display in your waiting area, it will not be displayed.

Q: What are the brochure display racks like and what size are they?

Our display racks are high quality, wall-mounted, and slim fitting. We use the award-winning durable Perspex expandastand™ brochure display system for all our racks. Our racks are designed so that brochures have full height support and will not flop over, and so they present neatly and clearly visible. The display offers a professional image and is designed to enhance the look of any waiting room.

Brochure Display Rack Dimensions
Width: 1230mm / 48.43in
Height: 560mm / 22.05in
Depth: 75mm / 2.95in
(The small header board is not included in height dimensions above)

Q: Can we have more than one display rack for our surgery?

Yes, if you have more than one waiting room at your surgery, we can install more than one display. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q: Can the display be installed in a consultation room?

Our main displays, provided free, are only installed in public waiting areas that are accessible by the public as they wait. However, we have smaller high-quality expandastand™ brochure display stands, available for sale.

Q: Can the display be used for our own information?

No, the brochure display and poster boards are installed on the understanding that they are only used for information provided by INFORM.

Q: You have a Poster Display Service for Waiting Rooms, how does this work?

INFORM supply and display A3-size static-cling posters supplied to us by public bodies, charities, patient support groups, the HSE, and other reputable healthcare organisations to create awareness of support services available to patients such as:

  • Asthma Adviceline 
  • Irish Cancer Society Nurseline
  • Public health initiatives for example: Prevention of childhood obesity
  • Create awareness of tax relief on medical expenses

All posters supplied and displayed are printed on static-cling material which does not require tacks, pins or adhesives. They therefore don’t damage your walls and are easily re-positioned within your waiting area. The static-cling posters are A3 in size.

Posters frames, to accommodate A3 posters, can also be supplied free for the waiting area, if required.  The poster frame dimensions are 325mm wide, 450mm high and 12mm deep.

Posters are updated periodically by the INFORM Field Team.  

Note: If, at any time, there is a poster you would prefer not to display in your waiting area, it will not be displayed.

Q: We are moving premises, is it possible to have the display installed at our new premises?

Yes, please contact us and we will make arrangements to have your display rack moved and installed in your new premises.

Q: What should I do if I no longer want the health information display service?

Please contact us and we will arrange to remove the display rack.

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