Compelling Reasons to use the Services of INFORM

At INFORM, we operate a highly effective business, focused on keeping healthcare patients, consumers, and healthcare professionals informed on health and wellbeing issues, as well as public information campaigns. We provide a range of healthcare communication options throughout Ireland, including:

  • Waiting Room Brochure Display
  • Waiting Room Poster Display
  • Digital Waiting Room Information Screens
  • (Online Brochure Ordering Service for Healthcare Professionals)
  • Brochure Distribution direct to Healthcare Professionals (MediPack and MediMail)
  • Waiting Room Patient Puzzles, from concept and design to distribution.

Trusted by Clients and Healthcare Professionals:
INFORM has worked with leading Patient Support Groups, Charities, Pharmaceutical Companies, Public Bodies and other Healthcare Organisations since 2002, building long-term trusted partnerships. We provide them with point-of-care communication solutions to ensure the certain delivery of their health and wellbeing messages. We have an approval process for the health information being displayed in our Waiting Room Network, which ensures that the information we present is welcomed, trusted and valued by GPs and other Healthcare Professionals.

A Communication Network of over 950 Waiting Rooms: INFORM Brochure Displays are in over 950 GP Surgeries, Health Centres and Hospitals throughout Ireland. Our network provides the opportunity for your health, wellbeing or public service messages to be seen during up to 16 million patient visits per annum.

Dwell Time and the Dynamic of the Waiting Room: The average dwell time in a GP Waiting Room is estimated to be over 20 minutes. During this time, the INFORM Brochure and Poster Displays are highly visible and feature a wide range of health topics from the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to condition management. They also engage patients at the time they are actively thinking about their health and before they get to speak to their GP or practice nurse.

The Power of Printed Brochure and Poster Displays at the Point-of-Care. 
At INFORM, we utilise the power of print. Reading brochures or posters in the Waiting Room engages far more senses than reading online. The health information is, therefore, more easily absorbed and acted upon. Brochures in the waiting room are ever-present and are also considered to be more personal and trustworthy, and they are easy to retain and share.  

Our Digital Information Screen Network
INFORM offers a digital screen network encompassing waiting rooms throughout Ireland. We can therefore communicate your message to patients as a static poster, dynamic poster, or a silent video. Patients are particularly attentive to health messages while in the waiting room environment and your message would have a 20 second placement. It typically loops more than 5 times during each patient visit. This provides strong exposure for your message. 

We can Communicate your Message to 3,000+ Healthcare Professionals. At INFORM we can communicate your message to over 2,000 GPs and over 1,000 Practice Nurses. We do this through our MediPack and MediMail services.

Tailored, Flexible Solutions to Suit your Needs: We have a range of services, to suit your communication needs. You can utilise our Brochure and Poster Displays across our full Waiting Room network, or in the case of brochure displays you can select one or more provinces or cities. Our Digital Waiting Room Information Screens is a great option too. We can also communicate your message to all or some healthcare professionals. 

Advice and Support: We have been communicating with Patients and Healthcare Professionals, on behalf of our clients, for over 20 years. We are happy to share our learnings and provide free advice. We also offer an optional and competitive design and print service.

International Affiliation: INFORM is affiliated with IDS Media Group – the global healthcare marketing service provider. IDS Media Group have been the worldwide experts in the waiting room environment since 1992. Operating in 14 countries, their programs reach over 600 million patients and 165,000 healthcare professionals through their network of 60,000 waiting rooms20

The Healthcare Waiting Room Environment

At INFORM, we don’t view waiting rooms as simple transiting zones between home and the GP.

Waiting Rooms are extremely important. They allow us to engage patients who are actively thinking about their health, before they speak to their GP or practice nurse.

They are places where we can help promote messages, to educate and encourage people to live healthy lives from maintaining a healthy lifestyle to condition management.

We capture attention for up to 20 minutes in over 950 GP waiting rooms.

of patients select a brochure
of patients believe brochures facilitate dialogue with the GP
notice posters on display
take action as a result of reading
of patients visit a pharmacy or supermarket within 24 hours of a GP visit
of patients pay more attention to messaging on a digital screen in a waiting room compared to other screen environments.

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