FAQs about the INFORM Waiting Room Information Screen

Q: Why is the screen portrait?

Research has shown that a vertical screen is looked at more actively and commands higher attention than a horizontal screen. Vertical screens are seen as an information source.

Q: Does the screen have sound?

No. The screen does not play sound. It commands attention visually with no sound intrusion in your waiting area.

Q: How do I put my practice information on screen?

You will receive an account name and password from INFORM. This will allow you to log in to the Content Management System. You can then update the information we have already put in place on your behalf or place new information. A user manual will be provided, and our helpdesk will assist you if you have any difficulties.

Q: How often is the content updated on screen?

The screens will update almost instantly when content has been changed. Live weather and news are constantly being refreshed.

Q: Do I have control of what INFORM puts on the screen in my waiting area?

Yes. If at any time you do not want certain content on screen, your request will be accommodated.

Q: Is there a cost involved?

Yes. The screen and service is provided for a subscription fee. There are no additional costs in the future apart from the subscription fee.

Q: Do I need to turn on and off the screen every day?

No, the screen will be set to come on and off in accordance with your practice hours. Once it has a power source, your staff will not need to worry about turning on or off.