INFORM’S Digital Screens Powerfully Communicate Real-Time Information in the Waiting Room. This is important, particularly during a time when health and wellness concerns are heightened.​

As INFORM’S Digital network expands, more and more GPs and Health Professionals are experiencing the benefits of our Digital Waiting Room Information Screens. They are proving to be a very valuable resource for both surgery and patients. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Silent and powerful communication: INFORM’s digital information screens are silent, but they have a powerful presence in the waiting room. This means the important practice messages you wish to communicate to your patients are unmissable. It also helps that the screens are portrait in shape, which is more associated with information.
  • Instantly change your messages: You can change your on-screen messages instantly. This has always been important, but perhaps never more important than during these uncertain times – when health and wellness concerns are heightened.
  • You information presents clearly and effectively. Our customised screen templates are designed to help ensure this. You can communicate anything you wish, from practice hours and fees to information about vaccines, blood tests, or seasonal reminders like flu and travel vaccinations.
  • Up-to-date health and public awareness information: The screens also display important up-to-date health and public awareness information from patient support groups, government bodies, and other healthcare organisations. For example, important messages relating to the coronavirus are currently being presented (see sample screens) and these can be updated instantly, as required, to reflect any changed circumstances.
  • Positive and modern image: The screens can create and reinforce a positive and modern image of your surgery. They also eliminate the need for any paper signs taped to walls or doors!
  • Simple to up-date: The content management system is simple to use, and we provide training, a user guide, and our helpdesk will assist with any queries.
  • Full support services: The screens are professionally installed and maintained for free. The only cost is a subscription fee which covers the screen, on-going services and maintenance.

These are just some examples of the type of information that you can display on your digital waiting room information screens