New Waiting Room Information Campaigns for 2018

Below is some of the new information being displayed throughout the INFORM waiting room network during the early part of 2018.

Client: ACT for Meningitis.
Brochure: ‘Meningitis can affect anyone’
ACT for Meningitis offers support to everyone affected by meningitis, while also raising awareness of this life changing disease. They are displaying ‘Meningitis can affect anyone’ and ‘Meningitis Support Services’.

Client: Irish Cancer Society.
Brochure: ’12 Ways to Reduce your Cancer Risk from the Irish Cancer Society’.
Cancer specialists and scientists from across Europe compiled the ’12 Ways to Reduce your Cancer Risk’ based on the latest scientific evidence on cancer prevention. It consists of twelve recommendations that most people can follow without any special skills or advice. The more recommendations people follow, the lower their risk of cancer will be.

Client: Polio Survivors Ireland.
Brochure: Polio? Did you have Polio?
Polio Survivors Ireland are displaying this new brochure. The National Polio Register is a new initiative by Polio Survivors Ireland, as a means of getting a clear picture of how many polio survivors are in Ireland, so that they can advocate for the future of all polio survivors. All polio survivors living in Ireland are asked to register to help find out how many are still here.

Client: Health Service Executive.
Brochure: ‘Did you know screening can detect changes in the bowel before cancer develops?’
This leaflet from BowelScreen, aims to create awareness of who is eligible for the BowelScreen programme and includes a brief description of the home test process.

Client: National Dairy Council and Cappagh National Orthopaedic.
Brochure:Bone, muscle and joint health, Nutrition and Orthopaedic surgery’. This is a comprehensive 20-page guide relevant to anyone undergoing orthopaedic surgery.