These are difficult times and this may continue to be the case for some time, until a vaccine or treatments for Covid-19 is found. In the meantime, health and wellness concerns among the public have never been more heightened. People are not just concerned for themselves, but for their loved ones, and it’s also a time of great uncertainty, fear, and stress for many.

Patient support groups, government bodies, and other healthcare organisations are extremely active right now in communicating with the general public. Many are using the INFORM digital network to display their message directly into our expanding digital information screen network in GP Waiting Rooms. Here are just a few of the reasons why they believe it to be effective:

Instant communication and flexible campaigns: There is an immediacy to the messaging. We can upload your messages in minutes, and they instantly present throughout the network. This means we can perfectly align with your campaign times. There are no restrictions on campaign timings. Quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly and weekly options are available.

Urgent communications: Because communication is instant, our network is ideal for urgent and public awareness communication. For example, some of our clients are using our network to quickly communicate messages related to the Coronavirus and the Covid-19 disease.

Our Reach: We now have digital information screens in over 70 locations nationwide, and our network is expanding. All our screens are in waiting rooms in busy multi-GP practices in cities and urban centres.

Right audience: Waiting rooms are busy environments with a diverse audience. Parents, aged 24 to 55, form a large segment of the attendees as do those aged over 50.

Opportunity to see your message: We can communicate your message as a static poster, dynamic poster, or a silent video. Each message has a 20-second placement, and it typically loops more than five times during a patient visit. Currently, an estimated 134,400 people per month will be presented with your message while awaiting a GP consultation.

Eye-catching: The digital waiting room screens are eye-catching, and the dynamic content provides compelling visual appeal.

Impactful: Our screens are portrait-shaped for maximum visual impact. Vertical screens command greater attention than horizontal screens and are seen as an information source. They are more engaging and visually impactful, powerfully displaying your message.

Attentive: 80% of patients pay more attention to messages on a waiting room screen compared to other screen environments. Your message get noticed!

Silent: Our screens are silent. They command attention but are never intrusive. It’s another reason why GPs value them and are opting to use them.

Trusted environment: Our digital information screens are in waiting rooms, a trusted healthcare environment, and are viewed by patients who are engaging with their GP about health issues. Health is top of mind at the time they are viewing your message.

Sample Digital Screen Messages – Instant, Powerful, and Noticed in the Waiting Room